Post cycle therapy after taking Testosterone Undecanoate

Post cycle therapy Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate from ZPHC Pharma can be considered a new drug, although it has been in development for a long time. The fact is that the sale of mono ether has only just begun. Udecanoate was previously used by pharmaceutical companies as one of the components in the production of composite AAS. Today, bodybuilding enthusiasts can easily buy Testosterone Undecanoate ZPHC and personally evaluate its effectiveness.

Post cycle therapy

Many athletes use steroids to build muscle mass. After the course, as a rule, the so-called It is important to understand that the phenomenon of regression is an inevitable process after anabolics. The amount of muscle mass lost directly depends on the athlete’s actions, the individual characteristics of the organism and, of course, after the course of therapy. To reduce reversals, it is necessary to quickly restore natural testosterone production with the help of special tools. The amount of testosterone depends on the work of the testicles, restoring their work will reduce all the risks not only of the course but also of its end.

If the rehabilitation therapy is carried out correctly, it is possible to maintain the volume obtained while taking AS. Many athletes give up PTK and lose the entire result. This is not only a waste of money, but also a huge damage to health. After a course of therapy, this is a mandatory procedure that cannot be missed, not to mention completely abandoned.

Experts warn that more and more information is emerging on the Internet about the possibility of abandoning PTK. You should not believe such claims that recovery after the first course is unnecessary. When taking a steroid, even the lightest and safest, it is necessary to undergo an examination for hormonal disorders and undergo rehabilitation therapy. Otherwise, serious side effects are possible (testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, hypertension, psychological disorders).

Post cycle therapy

How is the return made?

All steroids, regardless of type and effect, are analogues of the natural male hormone testosterone. It is produced in the male body with the help of the testicles. All processes related to the amount of hormone in the blood are responsible for 2 parts of the brain, the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The process involves connecting the brain to the testes (hypothalamus – pituitary – testes). When hormonal balance is disturbed, the impulse travels from the hypothalamus through the pituitary gland to the testicles. Therefore, there is a constant hormonal balance in the normal human body. When you take AS, the amount of testosterone increases many times and the testicles stop working, stop producing their own hormone. For this reason, atrophy of the testicles often occurs. They decrease in size, reducing the level of special Leydig cells, which are responsible for hormonal balance and the production of hormonal substances.

Many people are afraid of testicular atrophy and this is a serious obstacle for athletes. Don’t worry, this is a completely reversible body process. You can start testicular processes at any time.

Complex processes of testicular atrophy can be prevented with the help of special tools. After taking them, all triggers related to the work of the testicles are reset, the sizes will acquire the same parameters. Experts advise not to delay taking medication in such a situation. This will not only reduce the recovery time, but will also reduce the return after the AS course.

Before using steroids it is necessary to know all the nuances of the drug. Many anabolics are converted into estrogen by female hormones. During the so-called aromatization, estrogen has an irritating effect on the hypothalamus. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the production of natural testosterone. Of course, not all steroids cause aromatization; They are light forms. It should be noted that anabolic steroids, which are not aromatized, still affect the general hormonal background and the general condition of the body.

If we take the well-known drugs Nandrolone and Trenbolone as a basis, we can be sure that they do not aromatize. They have a progesterone activity which does not reduce the risk of inhibiting one’s own testosterone.

How to prevent the process of lowering the level of the hormone

Choose steroids that don’t cause flavorings. They are the most widespread in the sports pharmacology market; Turinabol, Boldenone, Stanozolol, Primobolan, Oxandrolone.

Basically it is better to take drugs with a short duration of action. Anabolics with a withdrawal time of a few hours will reduce side effects and reduce recovery times.

Don’t neglect drugs like gonadotropins. It should be taken 3 weeks ane after the course or 3 weeks before the end of the course. Use light preparations, complete elimination. Which is done in 5 days. This will reduce the negative impact on the hypothalamus and testicles. You should start after using the AU. Taking four special drugs Clomid, Tamoxifen, Letrozole. With the help of these drugs, the course of the recovery of the hormonal system proceeds rapidly in no more than 1 month.

How to prevent the process of lowering the level of the hormone

What is the use of antiestrogens?

  • Normalizes the hormonal background.
  • Prevents gynecomastia.
  • Prevents the accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • Promote the production of your own hormone.

Another feature of steroid therapy should be considered. After taking serious cycles of AS with high doses, the work of the testosterone production system is disrupted. The testes are unable to produce gonadotropin, a substance essential for the body’s proper functioning and recovery. For this reason, experts recommend always including gonadotropins in the course. It is important to know that the recovery process can only begin after the anabol has been completely removed from the blood.

How to protect yourself from the side effects of Testosterone Undecanoate?

The half-life of steroids varies and this should be considered in the table below:
Steroid name
Deadlines in days
Deanery of Nandrolon up to 14 years;
Trenbolone acetate up to 3;
Nandrolone phenylpropionate up to 3;
Primobolan at 11;
Testosterone enanthate up to 11;
Testosterone cypionate up to 12;
Boldenon up to 14 years;
Testosterone propionate up to 3;
Sustanon up to 21;
If you start getting AIDS in time, you can avoid going back or reduce it to a minimal rate. Post-cycle corrective therapy directly affects an athlete’s end result and competition success.

How to protect yourself from the side effects of Testosterone Undecanoate?

Dosage of Clomid and Tamoxifen depending on the severity of the course of steroids

Each drug is packaged in different doses. Tamoxifen is available in doses of 10 and 20 mg. The path is a short flight of stairs, the starting dose is gradually reduced.

In case of severe hormonal disturbances, use 80 mg for 3 days, then reduce to 40 mg and take for 12 days. Final intake is 10 mg within 15 days before complete discontinuation.

After a less severe course, you can start with 40 mg and halve the dose every 15 days (40; 20; 10;).
Moderate-intensity hormone therapy, taking AIDS for 45 days. The starting dose is 20 mg per day, the last 15 days – 10 mg.
After a slight intervention in the hormonal system, recovery lasts 30 days. The intake is 20 mg for 15 days and 10 mg until completely removed.
Clomid is a drug with a similar effect, available in doses of 50 mg. To use it to influence the hormonal background, you need to follow the instructions and the scheme of use.

After a difficult journey it is necessary to divide the recovery process into 4 phases. You should use 150 mg for the first 3 days. 100 mg after 12 days. For the remaining 30 days you should take 50 mg after 25 mg until completely removed.

After the course of moderate severity, the application lasts 45 days, 15 days per phase. It should be obtained according to the scheme (100; 50; 25;).
On average, 45 days are divided into 2 phases, 30 days 50 mg, the remaining 25 mg.

Mild steroids should be continued after the course of therapy for a minimum dose not exceeding 45 days (50; 25; and 25 every other day for the last 15 days).