Testosterone undecanoate – description and use in bodybuilding

Testosterone undecanoate - description and use in bodybuilding

Description of the drug

Description of the drug

Andriol is one of the few “new” steroids to emerge in recent years. Unlike most AASs that came onto the market in the 1950s and 1960s (some have already disappeared), Andriol only existed in the early 1980s. This is probably why andriol has a special place among steroids. It has been a revolutionary steroid ever since. Along with methyltestosterone, it is the only oral testosterone drug. Testosterone alone, when taken orally, is practically useless because. It is absorbed through the portal vein and is immediately inactivated in the liver. The chemical testosterone undecanoate active in andrioles is absorbed through the intestine and bypasses the liver and enters the lymphatic system, which explains the drug’s effectiveness when administered orally. At the same time, there is not the slightest effect on liver function.

Operating principle

Testosterone undecanoate is an ester of testosterone, which is converted in the human body mainly to dihydrotestosterone, with the result that andriol is only minimally aromatized, i.e. Only a small part of the substance can be converted into estrogen, tc. Dihydrotestosterone is not aromatized. Therefore, andriol does not cause feminization phenomena such as gynecomastia or increased production and accumulation of fat in those who use it. Non-aromatizing Andriol allows the body not to feel the effect of the steroid on the reproduction of the hormone. This only happens with long-term high-dose treatment.

Andriol is the preferred alternative for athletes who have problems with conventional testosterone injections.

Operating principle

Properties of Testosterone Undecanoate

The appearance on the market of a new male hormone ether is almost always. A similar situation was observed after the release of testosterone decanoate. This anabolic drug has a number of positive effects on the body. The explanation for this fact is simple, because this substance performs several extremely important functions in the human body.
The main positive effects of the drug include:

  • It allows you to increase muscle mass.
  • Significantly increases appetite.
  • It increases sexual desire and improves the function of the reproductive system.
  • Increases the strength potential of the athlete.
  • Regeneration processes are stimulated, which allow athletes to recover faster after training.
  • Another advantage of the steroid is its ability to stimulate the hematopoietic system. Thanks to this, the builders were able to achieve a strong pumping effect.

Theoretically, Andriol is also expected to quickly and reliably increase strength and mass with significant fluid retention, as well as the proven injectable Sustanon-250 and Testosterone Enanthate. In practice, this is not the case at all, and the effect of andriol is several times weaker than the effect of the above drugs. Objectively, Andriol is the most popular oral drug for cautious athletes who already have a negative experience with injectable testosterone and are aware of its many side effects, as well as for older athletes. Anyone who takes andriol less than 240-280 mg per day will be disappointed in its effects.

In principle, andriol can be used as a preparation for competition. However, if the athlete has difficulty removing water, it makes sense to refuse to take any testosterone at this stage.

Properties of Testosterone Undecanoate

Steroid Profile

The half-life of the active ingredient is at least 14 days.
The working time of the steroid after the injection is at least 21 days.
Anabolic activity index – 100%
Androgenic activity index – 100%.
The degree of interaction of aromatase with the enzyme (aromatization) is high.
It is converted into dihydrotestosterone.
Testosterone undecanoate is not used as often in bodybuilding as other AAS-containing testosterones. At the same time, this anabolic drug is still quite desirable. This is mainly due to the ability of the drug to maintain a balanced hormonal background for a long time.

Possible side effects

Athletes need to keep in mind that all AASs have a number of negative effects. This statement also applies to Nebido. At the same time, all of its potential side effects are similar to those of other testosterone-containing AAS. First of all, we are talking about estrogen. This steroid has a high taste. As a result, bodybuilders can experience symptoms of gynecomastia and active water retention in the body tissues. It is enough to use aromatase inhibitors to eliminate these negative effects.

Androgenic side effects are also possible. However, they are not as common as estrogen. Finasteride is a great way to deal with them. The ultimate side effect. More than three months if they use large doses.

Can Testosterone Undecanoate be taken by women?

Women should avoid using the androgenic components of andriol – as a general rule
All testosterone – is very strong in the female body when taking this drug. When they use it, bodybuilding-k
sometimes high blood pressure, fluid retention, acne, hypersexuality win and all this leads to the phenomenon of masculinization.

Testosterone Undecanoate by women

Method of conservation

Andriol should be stored in the refrigerator (6 to 15 degrees), preferably in the refrigerator. Since the capsules are very sensitive to heat, these capsules, when exposed to eg.
In the sun, for example in the car, they can quickly melt and become an indeterminate mass. Due to its unusual form of release, Andriol is very difficult to produce.